Blogs writing Qualities to improve your Blogs posts and seo

In this post I will be sharing to you about 10 great qualities of a good blogger that will help you improve your Blogs writing and posting skills as well as improve your SEO.

Here are 10 qualities of a good blogger that will help you improve your Blogs writing and posting jorney.


Be humble to seek advice, ask others what they are doing and how they are doing it. Ask fellow bloggers as well as your readers to leave a comment. Even though some people might be    extreme   in their speech and comments, remain calm. Do not be reject the information there must be something good in it, take it and leave the rest.

Simplicity:  Another quality that will help you improve your Blogs posts and writing is being simple.

A good blogger must be simple. Newbie’s and experts, young and old alike will be browsing your information, to keep them coming back they need to understand your topic and information you are passing,many are searching for relevant information their first click could be your blog post so make it easier for them to learn. Why not use simple grammar instead of Jaguars. By keeping it simple you are been considerate, be straight to the point and make it short, explain to the lowest terms with quality contents, Make it lively and engaging.  

Be An Explorer:  Due to change in technology and in other fields of study overtime, the information you have today on a certain product or service may be outdated tomorrow. People need current information to improve their lifestyle. Hence a good writer should be exploring for updated information on his subject,and One way to do this is by making thorough research on a topic you want to share; you can approach people and your friends, relative and interview them.

Ask them what they think about your subject; consult some books that discuss your topic. Research online to see what others are writing currently about the subject. You can as well join online discussion Forums. Throw the subject matter as a question and see others responses about it. By doing this your content will be a quality one and up-to-date.


A good question to ask one’s self is: What do I have that I do not receive? Yes everything we have we received it from God including knowledge. So while writing your blog contents do it from the bottom of your heart. Give the best of your knowledge.Do not hide anything from readers because you are giving it out free. You too must have gotten quality information from someone else free of charge. So give freely without reserve. Always be generous, it pays!


Being unique here does not imply you should not  source for information or write what others are writing. After all the market is competitive, but the question is what set you apart from your competitors? Those writing on the same topic you are writing on. Here comes uniqueness, don’t steal someone’s work, copying and pasting exactly what others wrote,put it in your own words, make it real and understandable. Use examples, illustrations questions and links,artistic pictures and short videos, these will set you apart from your competitors and draw more attention to your site or blog.



Blogging is not for sluggish people, is not a sluggish business. It requires steadiness, up and doing so as not to stir your readers and have them disappointed. Be consistent with the subject you choose, maintain focus, do not deviate from one topic to the other so that your readers may not get confused and stop coming back. If you deal with various topics and subjects is better to specify that from the beginning explaining what and what your site is all about. And that will help your audience to search and stick to what they are looking for in your blogs.     


Writing and posting quality contents can be challenging. Therefore it requires strenuous effort to consult different researches, type, document, check for errors even to post regularly. All these put together are hectic job and as such a blogger may be hastening to meet up, thereby compiling the materials just for posting sake. But note that is better you post one quality information once a week than to post 100 works a day filled with errornous contents devoid of relevant information. Please be determined to give the best no matter the challenge attached.


If you lack interest in whatever you are doing the success will be abridged. So it is in blogging, you develop love for whatever you are doing. Choose what you love, what interests you, i mean what you like doing best in reality. Again cherish those you have in mind writing. Your niche, that’s your readers and always have them in mind, develop study love and relationships with them because if you love them, definitely you give them the best. You provide them with quality contents and help them find success in their corners and areas of business.

Be Time consious:if you really wants to improve your Blogs writing and posting time is essential.

 Organize your Schedule to meet your target. Make hay while the sun shines, never Procrastinate. Have a schedule or timetable, organized Writing and posting of your oblogs will help you to be focused and meet up with posting regularly on time. For instance if you are posting three times or four a week, it then means you should write as many contents as possible within the previous weeks. If you have at least 10 already written contents, it will enable you to to post weekly and then have time to write more. Remember that there may be circumstances that might prevent you to write a times, but if you have advanced written contents it will help to keep your readers updated. 


One quality a blogger cannot do without is patience. Many people want to make it big immediately they start blogging but just like other businesses and things in life it doesn’t happen so. It takes time to grow to yield result,within those periods take it as times of training and continue to do things the right way it should. Be patient and realistic; never give up in putting your best. Endure and maintain positive outlook, take your mind off the end result for the result must simply come with huge success that will surprise you. 

Recap: 10 Blogs writing qualities to improve your Blogs writing and posting.

  1. Simplicity: Be yourself while writing and  write something you are very well aware of.
  2. Patience: Have a waiting attitude, your reward must come.
  3. Time Management: Post regularly and on time.
  4. Love: love what you do and love your niche.
  5. Determination: Be resolved to give your best.
  6. Consistency: Always Post new contents.
  7. Unique:  do not be a follow-follow, always be yourself.
  8.  Generosity: give without reserve, be generous with your knowledge.
  9. Exploring: make research to explore new things, get updated informations.
  10. Humility: Never be ashamed to ask questions on how to do things right now accept reasonable corrections.

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