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What is affiliate marketing or program? Simply put,Affiliate Marketing is selling other people’s products or services ,promoting it through a specific link provided by the product owner,when a sale is completed through your link you get rewarded, that’s it,simple. 


You can promote  individual products or companies products but what matters is the end result,your ability to drive traffic to your link, leading buyers from your end to the product owners end completing a sale and you get paid.


The question now is how do you drive the traffic and get rewarded, that is where we come in to help through our AFFILIATE LINKS PROMOTION SERVICES.

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What is affiliate training? 

AFFILIATE training is a way of providing sequencial guide, Mentoring,and advice on how to start and run a successful Affiliate Marketing business and start earning passive income doing it.

What is Affiliate products?

Any product that doesn’t belong to you that you Promote and sell in order to get commission automatically becomes an Affiliate could be a physical product ,it could be a service,it could also be a Digital product.


What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate Marketing is the act of promoting other people products to make sales in other to get commission,wether through word of mouth, through blog writing, video contents or podcasts the goal is to successfully Market the product putting it in the ✋ hands of buyers and get your pay.


What is affiliate Marketplace?

AFFILIATE MARKETPLACE is a place where you find Affiliate products offers to Promote. 

Some companies specialized in promoting affiliate programs and Services of other companies, hence in their websites and Blogs they list all the companies that are running affiliate program on their products, you can apply to Promote any of the products that are listed on their platform and start promoting them to get cash. 

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