Freelance jobs and services

Get your jobs  and  tasks completed by an expert in short time .Get exactly what you  asked for with discounted pricing. Discover host of things we can help you Freelance
  1. Website development  
  2. App development
  3. Logo design
  4. Content writing
  5. Ebook writing
  6. Research
  7. Social media management
  8. Ads listing
  9. Business proposal writing
  10. Business name registration
  11. Online business set up e.t.c
Tell us what you need here, is between $5 or  less           (GET A QUOTE) Want to learn Freelancing either             join training here is free Join our Facebook training group here                                OR                Follow us on Instagram                      1 AFFILIATE LINKS ADS POST  Description: We create quality content around your affiliate links/products and post on our blogs,website and about 50 other free classified ads platforms. What you will get: content and post designed for your business or affiliate products or links. *   content posted to our website * your content posted to  other 50 classified ads sites *  You sit back and watch your traffic and earning grow * Affordable-1 dollar per post.                                  2 GOOGLE  BUSINESS PAGE/MAP SET UP FOR YOUR BUSINESS Google business page set up Create Google business page for your brand and company
Description: We create and set up a google business page And map for you so that hour business could be found when people search for businesses like yours on google. We can equally create products and services offers for you with a well organized description                                3 WORDPRESS SITE MONITISED WITH ADS Description: We create and set up  full functional WordPress site with domain name and hosting for 1yr.your website will be monetised with ads like the one you. Are seeing on our site-that means your site starts generating revenue as soon as we up for you. You pay ,we create and  hand you  over the key of making money.Start now!                                  4 EBOOK WRITTEN /MONETIZATION    Description: You have the vision to set up online business but doesn’t have all it takes to do so,do not worry ,we are here to help. We write and design any ebook of your choice,submit it to various ebook market places for sale, all you need do is  sit back bank account swell up with your return of investment.                                 5             PRINT ON-DEMAND STORE      Description: Print on-demand store is an already made store set up for you with products, you need not to do any product processing or delivery, whatsoever. When customers orders products from your store ,the company will deliver the products and do other necessary  things. All you need do is sit back and earn your commission. Now let’s set it up for you  $500 only.                                       6             VIDEO/PODCASTS COURSES Description: We create video courses as well as podcasts depending on what you want.After the set up we post to various online course market places so that customers who need your course will download them and you get paid and as your products kept being downloaded you keep getting paid. Set up is $500                                       7                    BUSINESS PROPOSAL WRITING       Description We help msmes succeed! Do you want to write a winning business proposal that is worthy of funding? We help you organize that. Just tell us your type of business and we get it penned down in few mins Only $200                                       8                               CONTENT/BLOG POST WRITING         Description New posts and contents makes your websites and blogs stand out and reach more audience. We set up blog sites,we write blog contents tailored to your needs, let’s do it for you in a giffy  Just $150 full page up to 6000 words.                                    9    INFOGRAPHICS,LOGO/POSTER DESIGNS Description Have your business Logos ,posters, infographics design and customised for you with sharp attractive colors and less than what you think,it starts from $10  Tell us what to design!                               10 SOCIAL MEDIA ADS POSTING AND  MANAGEMENT         Description: Get discovered by clients,customers and site visitors by engaging them through your social media pages. Didn’t have the time to manage them all?we are here for you! What you.will get:
  • We design media posts
  • We post.them
  • We manage it all month long
Just for $100                                 11                   INSTAGRAM SHOUT OUT       Description: Want to increase you’re Instagram followers from 0-10,000 following, real people and real actions. Follow us here to see what we are doing. Is cheaper than anywhere else  $20 only Let’s do!                               12                           TRAINING Description: We teach what we do,no tricks attached, no hidden knowledge and is completely free.want it all yourself? We are here to train,educate and deliver Apply for training now! Is completely free!