How to source articles for your Smes business website

Msmes Articles: How to Outsource articles for small and medium-sized enterprises 

Are you looking for an easy way to make money online?  If so, examine outsourced smes articles.  When properly used, they can be a great moneymaking tool.

The first step in making money with outsourced smes articles is to know what your options are.  For starters, they can be posted on third party revenue sharing websites.  This is possible, but only if you walk away from the deal with exclusive rights to the articles in question.

Outsourced msmes articles can be submitted to article directories.  These are a great way to generate traffic, but do you have a website or a blog that you can send traffic to?  If not, article directories are considered a waste of time, as you have no way to make money with them.

Reselling outsourced smes  articles for a profit is another moneymaking opportunity.  Typically, you create your own website and list these articles for sale.  By selling them for a higher price than what you paid for them, you can make a profit.

Outsourced smes articles can also be transformed into a profitable eBook.  To do so, you need a series of outsourced articles on one topic.  To reduce repetitive information, let the writer know you need a set series of articles and that each article must be unique.

Msmes Outsourced articles also make great content for newsletters.  They can also help to generate both organic and referred traffic to a website or blog.  As previously stated, there are so many ways for you to make money with the use of outsourced articles.

Now that you know how you can make money with msmes outsourced articles, you may be wondering how you can make the most money.  Honestly, it depends on your needs.  For example, do you sell a product or do you make money through affiliate programs?  If so, you can post the articles on your website.  Keyword articles generate organic traffic through the search engines.  The more visitors your site receives, the better your chances are for making a sale.

As for newsletters, they can also help to increase your sales.  Send out monthly or quarterly newsletters to subscribers or post the newsletter on your website for all to read.  In addition to adding outsourced articles, include a moneysaving discount code for the products or services you are selling.  If you participate in an affiliate program, you should have coupon codes provided to you automatically.

If you are looking to make the largest amount of money overtime, but don’t have an already existing website, examine revenue sharing websites.  You post the outsourced articles that you own.  This type of arrangement is nice, as you generate passive incoming, meaning you earn it overtime and for years to come.  Depending on the website in question, you should get a percentage of the revenue generated by your articles or a page view bonus.

If you have internet marketing experience and knowledge, why not resell the articles?  This works best if you can create an online marketplace.  The more articles you have listed available for resale, the more money you can make.  Once again, decide if you want to make money upfront or overtime.  PLR article packages are nice because they are sold multiple times, but they have low selling prices.  On the other hand, you can sell your smes articles for a higher price when you offer exclusive right

Msmes:  Tips for Rewriting Your smes Articles

Are you a webmaster who writes your own smes articles?  If so, what do you do with those articles?  Chances are you list them on your website as content.  This is nice, but have you ever considered rewriting those articles to extend their use?  

As for what rewriting articles can do for you, it can get you a better value for your money and make better use of your time.  If you can rewrite your own articles multiple times, you get an amazing deal.  For example, you can rewrite an article five different times to walk away with a total of six articles, only one of which you had to put your full effort into.

Although rewriting articles may seem hard, it is an easy process.  In fact, it is one that you should be able to do yourself.

As for how much rewriting is required, it depends on your intended use.  Do you want your website to share helpful information with readers?  If so, rewriting an article that basically states the same points isn’t recommend for website content.  Your readers may think your website is too repetitive.  Instead, use those rewrites for marketing purposes.

Since many writers put most of their time and effort into the original article, the one that rewrites will be based on, that article should be posted on your website.  The rewritten articles can be submitted to article directories.  Although you aren’t paid for posting your articles, do you indirectly help to increase your profits.  

Blogging is also increasing in popularity and many website owners now have blogs that accompany their niche websites.  You can use your blog to promote your website and visa versa.  Rewritten articles can be posted on your blog as well.  When doing so, consider shortening the articles or dividing them into multiple posts.  Readers do not expect to see long articles on blogs, as they do with traditional websites.  

The main goal of rewriting outsourced articles is to eliminate duplicate content.  You could be penalized by the search engines for having duplicate content on your website.  Your website may disappear from the search engine or drop in ranking.  For that reason, don’t distribute the same articles to article directories that you have posted on your website.  That is why rewriting is advised.

The good news is that you don’t have to write a whole new article.  You basically want to trick the search engines into believing that you did.  As for how you can do so, rearrange a few sentences, change the context of a few sentences in each paragraph, and reorder your paragraphs when possible.  

As an example:

“If you are looking for ways to save money on groceries, try using online coupon websites to your advantage.”  

This can become “You can use online coupon websites to help you save money on groceries.”

By rearranging the wording of the sentence, you have new content, but the sentence retains its original meaning.  Not all sentences need to be reworded as such.  While your goal is to basically trick the search engines, make sure your articles are easy for readers to understand.

Although it is easier to rewrite your own  smes articles, you may not want to or have the time to do so.  If that is the case, outsource your articles.  When doing so, choose an article rewriter.  This is different from an article writer.  They specialize in rewriting content and often charge lower rates.

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