How to start Blogging the right way to make money: learn how!

All you need to know about blogging exposed! In this post I’m going to expose you to how you can start blogging and making money too

Hi friend! Do you know that all the contents of different topics and theories ranging from writing, videos, PDFs and pictures are organized, documented and posted online by people like you and I? I mean your fellow red-blooded men and women and they’re are making lots of thousands of dollars as you  read and click these blogs.

Here I am exposing to you 5 Techniques you need to adopt to become a successful blogger and share in this 21st Century Money Making Machine (MMM) please stay tuned and follow up reading to the end.


 Do not Jump into a topic and start writing because people are writing it. You need to know who you are and what you can do and what interests you most. Then select your topic accordingly. Writing about what you love and wants to share it with others is the lifeblood of a successful blog. 

What are the things you can blog about?

(a) Your business: you can write about your business

(b) Your hubby:   you can write about exercise you enjoy

(c) Personality:Write about yourself

(d) Health:you can write about health remedies

(e) Animals & Plants:you can write about your best pets and plants.

It is true that blogging is not easy but you can succeed,if you choose what you love and give it your best . 

Now let’s talk about the blogging techniques.

One of the things that makes a blog post stand out is the quality of the contents,so let’s see how you can create a quality blog contents that will draw your readers attention and keep them coming back thereby driving traffic to your site.


 Note that any topic you choose to write about people has already written something about it. So there are competitions online. The question now is how do you tackle this? How do you stand out from competitors? The answer is based on the quality of your content. 

How To develop quality content, blog filled with information that will enable your readers to take action

 a content that is tailored to solve your readers’ problem. 

Satisfying and realistic blogs makes your readers coming back. So even though you may be conversant with your topic it’s also wise you make more research on the topic and then be yourself while writing. Combine useful information both yours and others and then write in your own words. Use simple grammar while writing. 

Quality contents  involves a lot of research and are time consuming sometimes daunting but the effort you make worth it. Persevere in it for the reward is greater than you can imagine. Give your audience useful and quality contents,thats a powerful blogging technique.


Pictures and Videos: The power of pictures and videos can never be underestimated in the history of online business, blogging and marketing. Images creates lasting impressions in one’s heart and that is true when creating a blog. Short videos and attractive pictures are powerful techniques to keep your site visitors engaged,that tells more about your business or what you are writing about. Videos and pictures are very useful to your blog for it draws more attention to your site,so use them wisely.

  1. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA: 

Bloggers and writers, business owners, advertisers even a woman in the kitchen cannot do without social media. There are a lot of them you can think about,like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, linkidn to mention a few. They are there for you to create a host of readers and visitors to your site. Remember this Medias platforms are made up of your direct contacts, list of your friends and relatives, so start building your world around them. 

There is the saying that :

“Block by Block A House is Built.” 

It then means that,One of your social media friends can make your blog post go viral. One person in your contact list can have a thousand friends and followers and when he shares your post to his friends and others shares it and so on and so forth. In few days you may have tens of thousands of readers and visitors as well as followers to your site,that is the power of social media technique. Seize the opportunity now! Tell your friends about your blog and invite them to share and comment on your blog posts, that way you are building your visibility online.


“All works  no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Imagine yourself after putting all the time and energy even money to design and build quality contests and no action was taken to yield good result. How would you feel? That’s really discouraging. The actions your readers take on your site depends on you. You have to decide in advance what you want them to click on or task to perform and that is where the money is, the action your audience took on your site is the money.

 Yes “Call To Action” 

Is your power to earn. Always use call to action in strategic areas of your blog Posts, you could put it in the beginning; you could put it in middle or at the bottom of your Post. For instance to link your previous posts you can draw attention to the topic by saying ‘’Click here” to read about my previous posts on (Qualities of a good blogger)

 To see about 50 call to action examples that are powerful conversion leads (Check here).

Admittedly we all want to make money through our blog but doing things wrongly, that aim could be defeated.So be realistic, be simple, have focus, patient and persistent. That is the pattern of successful bloggers.Doing things rightly and at the right time,and that time is now!

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