Service rendering businesses you can start today in Nigeria

  1. Barbing  (2) P.O.S Services  (3) Gadgets Charging (4) laundry (5) Typing  (6)Home Cleaning  (7) Computer Installation (8)Sim registration and Data share business

From my observations and research, I come to realize that service rendering businesses are more reliable, profitable and easy to start-up than starting up a production company.I made thorough research on (8) of this service rendering businesses I am going to explain to you in this guide and find out they can be very rewarding. If you apply them you can start doing something today! 

What is service rendering business you may Ask?. Service rendering business is any business or work that does not involve production of goods or buying & selling.

It is a business that if you have the knowledge and the tools you can be given people your services to collect money.

The first I want to talk about is barbing and hair making saloon. Saloon business is a unisex business, both genders can do it. It’s a service rendering business you can start with little or no capital.

 What you can do?  

  1. Learn how to make hair (fixing and braiding) or barbing hair. This can take six months or less depending on your ability.
  2. You can check for your friends or relatives that are doing it and attach with them to learn, they may collect little or no money to teach you.
  3. If you have laptop, Smart Phones, with internet connections, you can go to youtube and search for barbing or hair making videos. Download them, watch carefully and learn for free and that’s all you need.

How do you then start making money? You may be thinking of owning a big shop in the hob of the town and equipping it with sophisticated machines. No far from that!

You can start small and then grow your business little by little.

Here are some examples of how small you can start hair salon services.

(1) Barbing:

For instance if you learned barbing, it takes only a tool, just N5, 000 clipper or its equivalent in other currencies to get a good clipper for your business.

With your clipper, you need no shop to start your business. All you need is customers, those who need your service. How do you get them? Start from the neighborhood; tell them about your new business. Another way you can let people know about your business is by making use of social media platforms like facebook and Instragram to get noticed. Book special appointments for home services. By so doing you’re your business will grow little by little.

  1. P.O.S:
Pos services
Pos machine business services

Point of sale services. Simply put P.O.S services is a money transfer service helping people to transfer and withdraw even deposit money into their bank accounts and get paid for your service. How do you go about it? Get P.O.S machine from your bank. But you must have a current account and run it for at least 6 months. The bank may require you to provide references. Fill the necessary application forms. Wait for at least two weeks and receive your P.O.S machine then start your business. Look for a strategic point, you may build or rent a quiosk, determine how to charge for each transaction. There you go! Here are some banks you can get P.O.S from GTbank, Access bank, or Zenith Bank etc. for more clarification, walk into the banks and inquire for more details. 

NOTE: A  P.O.S machine is just like all phones when it comes to power. So make sure is always charged.  

  1.  Gadgets Charging: Rechargeable gadgets

In this 21st Century all gadgets are becoming rechargeable. Before now what we used to have is analog lantern that you need matches to light to get radiant. But today we have lots of rechargeable touch, lantern and earphones, phones and phone batteries and due to inconsistent power supply in Nigeria more especially in some rural areas roadside charging of electronics and rechargeable gadgets has become a business People like you and I are easily making a living through it every day. Why not cease the opportunity?

What you need to start: 

First,Design a charging board with sockets by an electrician.

Buy desktop chargers and cable chargers, look for strategic areas either junction or market squares. Check for areas where there is no light or steady power supply, station you’re charging boards and write an advert. Simply put:


Equipments you need to start:

  1. Small generator, 2.Charging board with sockets 3.Phone chargers both cables & desktop, 4.Small qiousk. You are good to go!
  2. Laundry: 

Washing and ironing people’s clothes is another small service rendering business you can start today. The beauty of this business is that you can start it at the comfort of your home. Because normally you wash and iron your own clothes isn’t it there’s no difference.

Now let’s assume you have buckets, pressing table, Electrical iron and water already at home, you are good to go! You just need to buy washing soaps and detergents etc. just like in barbing, we discussed earlier in this post, connect your friends and relatives both offline and online. Through social media platform post comments and pictures of clothes you washed, tell people about what you do now and keep your phone lines open for business. You can always go to their homes collect the clothes wash and rinse it to them, charge them for your services and that’s all. Before you know it, you have become exposed and become a shop owner then your business will continue to expand.

  1. Typing Jobs:Charging of rechargeables to make money


If you are good in typing and editing, that’s another service rendering business, you can embark on without spending a dime. Start business center jobs. In some higher institutions where students are many  you can start doing their assignments, typing their term papers, seminars and projects. Many of the business centers in school areas look for typists from time to time. You can attach yourself with them and charge them for your service. 


Another way you can do this is, if you own your own computer and printer. If you are closer to the school , that’s a good opportunity for you.If you have internet connections, you can also try online typing jobs and get paid doing so.

  1. Home Cleaning: 

Another most profitable service rendering business is becoming a home cleaning agent. Most people are too busy that they need someone to come around their homes to sweep, mob floors, and wipe glasses as well as wash dishes in the kitchen for them. Some could be newly completed houses that needs thorough cleaning and washing before parking in. 

How to do this?

You can Create online adverts, buy small advertisement space on some notable newspapers and leave your contact there. Make use of your social media platforms and let people call you for your services.

 (You can learn about  some  social media advertisment tips here).

(7)      Computer Installations: 

Another easy service rendering business you could think of is installing computer application programs, services and maintenance. This will work perfectly if you already have knowledge of computer engineering and maintenance.

What you need:

Software packages like windows operating systems, application packages like Microsoft office games and anti-virus softwares.

Study the installation processes and you are good to go!

Who are your customers?

Personal computer users, offices and banks.If you have the right tools you can start formatting and loading application programs to desktop and laptop computer users, individuals as well as companies and charge them for your service.Is that simple?

(8)    Sim registration and Data share business:

Do you know you can actually start Telecoms business without money in Nigeria? This sounds ridiculous to many as I said earlier in the previous page,but the truth remains that it’s possible.

Let’s get straight to the point on how to do it.


One way you can start Telecoms business without money is by becoming an agent and that means partnering with the known network providers in Nigeria namely:MTN, Airtel,Glo,And 9mobile, rendering their services to people and getting paid for it. 


 Apply to any of the above mentioned network providers to become a certified SIM card registration agent in your area.

What you will be doing if approved:

  • SIM card registration services
  • SIM upgrade from 3g network to 4g network
  • Welcome back lost/stolen SIM cards
  • SIM swap


Very simple! Here is what you should do

  •  Visit any of the Telecoms network providers office in Nigeria closer to you.
  • find out their office in your location and indicate interest as a SIM card registration agent.
  • Fill carefully the necessary forms and documents they will provide to you.

If your application is approved they will assign you registration kits and I’d to start up your business.

REMEMBER! You are paying nothing for all of this,you are only an agent and they are paying you monthly for your job based on your achievement each month.

The method works for all the 4 network providers mentioned earlier,you can work for all the 4 networks providers at the same time

The commission for each  registered SIM is N100 while for upgrade,swap and welcome back is N150.

  You also collect a service charge of N200 or 100 from each customer you registered,that depends on you.

Now let’s see how much you can make just registering SIM cards

Supposed you succeeded in getting 4 kits from the four network providers and you are able to register at least 2 sim cards each in all the four networks per day,that gives you 60 Sims in thirty days for each network totalling 240 Sims per month,now if you are paid N100 each multiply by 240 Sims that amounts to 100*240=N24000 per month.

Now if you  take N100 as a service charge for each of the 240 sim cards registered you have additional N24,000 making it N48,000 each month just registering SIM cards alone excluding sim swap, upgrade and welcome back.

Remember,it cost you only your time and energy to do this and watch your business grow to the next level.That is as simple as you can start Telecoms business without money in Nigeria.You can add other services gradually and grow your Telecoms business over time.

Now let’s talk about where the main money is.

      BOOM!            BOOM!!         BOOM!!!

Mobile internet Data Resselling busines

               MOBILE  DATA  AGENT:


How can you become a mobile data agent? I repeat here is where the money is! Why is that so? The answer lies on the features of mobile data resselling business.


  • Huge amount of data bundle
  • Cheaper rate
  • Longer expiration period of up to 3months depending on the plan you purchased for resselling.

How to tap from the wealth of Telecoms industry through data share services or data resselling agent.


  • With the same new business line you registered opt in for mtn business plus using *461#
  • Dial *461*2# to purchase Some data share amount you want 
  • Use the same *461# to change your default pin for transactions
  • Dial *461# and follow the commands to share data to any  MTN mobile number ranging from 500mb-5gb and set your own price to make money.Is that simple?

Sme data share bundle you can purchase

  • 22 gb ——N10,000 for 30days
  • 30gb  ——-N13,500 for 30days
  • 90gb ——–N40,000 for 30days
  • 150gb——-N50,000 for 30days

As a beginner you may start working with the 22gb for N10,000 bundle but as you get more customers and as your business grows 150gb @ N50,000 will be the best option for you and that is where the money is!

Now imagine you bought a bundle of N50,000 for 150gb and you share it to customers at N500 per 1gb you could be making N25000  from every purchase-That is 50% profit and that is not bad at all.

Now imagine you were able to finish it consistently every month, that is 2500  0 naira every month apart from other services mentioned earlier in this  course.

Now say you have a chain of customers and we’re able to finish it in a week or 2.that is 25000 naira every 1week or 2 weeks.Is that a bad business? Not at all!

 It works so  perfectly that way.That’s exactly what I’m doing that I’m teaching you with just a token, so it all depends on you and your marketing strategy to expand your business,better still if you want to run a successful Marketing for your business using various online strategies tailored to your business needs do not hesitate to contact

 Mamasent – The online business and Marketing consulting company,to help you post targeted ads that convert customers and buyers to your business like crazy!

Truly service rendering business can be economical than buying and selling. Reasons are: because you earn  money through your tools and knowledge but in buying and selling, if you don’t have money to buy goods you will not have anything to sell and when you don’t have enough products or what your customers needs making a sell may be difficult. 

So check if one of the above (8) mentioned small businesses can work in your location and start doing something today. 

Learn how to invest your money for more profits here

But remember as you engage in your business and start making profits, do not forget to invest. Investment is the backbone of every successful business. 

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