How to start your own telecoms business

Telecoms Services Made Easy In Nigeria

Learn How Telecoms services are made easy in Nigeria ,how to start small telecommunication business and grow it to a big business in no distant time.

Have you been thinking about small  business to start in Nigeria that is easy,less capital intensive, requires no physical office or shop and you can start same day provided you have your small money handy for kicking off?If your answer to the question above is “yes”! then in this course I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can tap from the wealth of this multi-million dollar  industry- Telecommunication.Learn how telecoms services are made easy in Nigeria.

The beauty of this business is that you can start it small today whether you have money or not and then  grow it larger tomorrow using the strategies  I am providing to you in this course.

Whether you have physical shop or not you can run your  Telecommunication business from anywhere in the world without hitches. The course will guide you on how to market your business both online and offline to drive more sales and customers.

Suppose you don’t have any money at all,you can still run Telecommunications business and earn a living with it.Sounds ridiculous right?”Yes”  but that is true. You can run it even without having a dime.





  • How to start Telecommunication business without money 


  • How to Start a Telecommunication business with as low as N10,000 and grow your business within some time. 


  • How to become a Telecommunication agent. 


  • How to become a Telecommunication dealer or distributor. 


  • How to effectively market your Telecommunication business without spending much on Ads. 


         COURSE OUTLINE : 


  • Introduction to Telecommunication       business. 


  • Start Telecommunication without money 


  • Start Telecommunication business with as low as N10,000. 


  • Become a Telecommunication dealer in Nigeria. 


2.0. Market your business online 


  • 1.Conclusion 


2.2. References




Telecommunication Definition 


What is Telecommunication? 


Telecommunication or Telecoms simply put Is a means of communication that has to do with transmission or processing of information through various methods of technology to over wire, radio,optical or other electromagnetic systems from a distance. 


Examples include: The Telephone, internet media,radio broadcasting, computer and internet,hence our focus in this course is on how you can tap in from selling and distributing its products and providing services such as: Mobile Data, Recharge cards etc. 


  • START Telecommunication without money 


Do you know you can actually start a Telecoms business without money in Nigeria? This sounds ridiculous to many as I said earlier in the previous page,but the truth remains that it’s possible. 


Let’s get straight to the point on how to do it. 


First: Become an Agent. 


One way you can start Telecoms business without money is by becoming an agent and that means partnering with the known network providers in Nigeria namely:MTN, Airtel,Glo,And 9mobile, rendering their services to people and getting paid for it.  


How does this work? 


 Apply to any of the above mentioned network providers to become a certified SIM card registration agent in your area. 


What you will be doing if approved: 

  • SIM card registration services 
  • SIM upgrade from 3g network to 4g network 
  • Welcome back lost/stolen SIM cards 
  • SIM swap 


How to start this business: 


Very simple! Here is what you should do 


  • Visit any of the Telecoms network providers offices in Nigeria closer to you. 
  • find out their office in your location and indicate interest as a SIM card registration agent. 
  • Fill carefully the necessary forms and documents they will provide to you. If your application is approved they will assign you registration kits and I’d like to start up your business. 


REMEMBER! You are paying nothing for all of this,you are only an agent and they are paying you monthly for your job based on achievement each month. 


The method works for all the 4 network providers mentioned earlier,you can work for all the 4 networks providers at the same time 


The commission for each  registered SIM is N100 while for upgrade,swap and welcome back is N150. 

  You also collect a service charge of N200 or 100 from each customer you registered,that depends on you. 


Now let’s see how much you can make just registering SIM cards 


Supposed you succeeded in getting 4 kits from the four network providers and you are able to register at least 2 sim cards each in all the four networks per day, that gives you 60 Sims in thirty days for each network totalling 240 Sims per month.Now if you are paid N100 each multiply by 240 Sims that amounts to 100*240=N24000 per month. 


Now if you  take N100 as a service charge for each of the 240 sim cards registered you have additional N24,000 making it N48,000 each month just registering SIM cards alone excluding sim swap, upgrade and welcome back. 


Remember,it costs you only your time and energy to do this and watch your business grow to the next level.That is as simple as you can start Telecoms business without money in Nigeria.You can add other services gradually and grow your Telecoms business over time. 


1.1. Start Telecommunication business with as low as N10,000. 


With as low as N10,000 or below you can start Telecoms business as an agent completing various mobile services and financial services including method 1 previously discussed that is Sim registration. 


How to do it: Here are three ways 


  • Become a Momo agent 
  • Become a topit agent 
  • Become a mobile Data agent 


Momo Agent: 


What is a MOMO agent? 


MOMO simply means mobile money,hence Momo agent is a mobile money service provided by MTN network to run money transfer services,bill payments, airtime top up as well as Mobile in internet Data. 


How to become a Momo agent: 

  • Get a new registered MTN line for your business 
  • Dial *502# to activate the Momo agent account,and change your default pin. 


Funding your agent account: visit any MTN office closer to you or Any accredited Momo agent to fund your account. 


Here is one of my recommended accredited momo agent  for activations and funding, training and support. services or email: [email protected] 


You can reach them on phone on: 09037451041 or whatsapp:09096190961 


How to make money as a Momo Agent 


  • Airtime commission              4% 
  • Data commission.                  3.5% 
  • Money transfer commission 10% 
  • Bills payment                          10% 


Apart from commissions MTN pays you,you can equally collect service charges on money transfers and bill payments. 


For more clarification and training join our whatsapp training group here WhatsApp   


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                  Topit Agent 

This is very simple and as simple as ABCD.All you need to do is, with your new registered  business line activate topit  retailer account by dialing *456#.After doing so you can top up your account in two ways. 

  • If you have a browsable phone just download MTN D2r App from Google play store and fund your account with your debit card and start selling airtime and data with 4% profit. 




You can contact any MTN agent to top up your account immediately. 

You can contact mtn topit certified agent here for funding your account at 

Call or whatsapp 09037451041,09096190961. 


So far you have seen that you can really start a Telecoms business with little or no capital at all.Combining all of these methods will increase your sales and profit over time. 



Now let’s talk about where the main money is. 

      Boom!            Boom!!         Boom!!! Mobile internet Data Reselling business                Mobile Data agent: 

Here is where the money is! 

How can you become a mobile data agent? I repeat here is where the money is! Why is that so? The answer lies in the features of mobile data reselling business. 


What are its features? 


  • Huge amount of data bundle 
  • Cheaper rate 
  • Longer expiration period of up to 3 months depending on the plan you purchased for reselling. 


How to tap from the wealth of the Telecoms industry through data share services or data reselling agents. 


How to do it: 


  • With the same new business line you registered opt in for mtn business plus using *461# 
  • Dial *461*2# to purchase Some data share amount you want  
  • Use the same *461# to change your default pin for transactions 
  • Dial *461# and follow the commands to share data to any  MTN mobile number ranging from 500mb-5gb and set your own price to make money. Is that simple? 

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