“The Virgin Platform Catch them young”

The Virgin website platform for anything business

Permit me to introduce you to “The Virgin Platform catch them young” for Smes.I will espouse you to one platform about anything business big or small,job or employment, training or tutoring, blogging or reading, freelancing or forum, buying or selling.Just think about anything, anything at all in just one platform designed for you in mind.


What I’m I talking about? I’m talking about “the virgin Platform catch them young” Mamasent.com is a new website about anything business.A new business platform designed for Smes and entrepreneurs in mind.This is because the founder is a bonafide entrepreneur,he loves entrepreneurship and he wants entrepreneurs to succeed even in the face of economic woes,and he uses the platform to address many issues ravaging Smes and entrepreneurs today!


Amongst the problems Smes and entrepreneurs face today that Mamasent the virgin platform addresses are:



  • Funding
  • Having Online presence
  • Making profit
  • Driving sales
  • Marketing and 
  • Articles sourcing

All of these are addressed at Mamasent the Virgin Platform.

Since Mamasent the Virgin Platform is new you can catch them young!You can be the first to position yourself for growth in this platform now!

Here are some things you can do with Mamasent and some links to get started with the virgin platform.

  1. Classified:https://www.mamasent.com/register/Here you can list your products and services for free and be the first to position yourself for buyers and clients.if you are a buyer you can find and buy cheapest of products ever from mamasent.com,here is the link
  1. Job listing:Job listing for employees and job finding for  job seekers, here is the link.

Note: we are also currently hiring Online workers,want to work with us? Send us your CV here to discuss terms with you(info@mamasent.com)

  1. Forum: collaboration ask questions, Answer questions,get answers to your business related questions, share your experience and promote your site and blog (link)
  1. Training:Tutors and students platform like udemy.if you are a teacher, list your courses for free and if you are a student register for free and find courses that interest you and start learning on the go(link)
  1. Guest blogging:You can blog and post about anything,talk about your products or  service  in details provided it is spam free, start posting (here)

The major aim of the Virgin Platform is to help sme owners , beginners in online business and general entrepreneurs to succeed.

if you have any difficulty let us Know (here)

  •  For free consultation tailored to your needs (contact us)
  • If you need a similar website for your services (get a quote)
  • If you need a specialized training on the following courses

Such as :website design, Online store, dropshipping and drop services or affiliate marketing (email us) info@mamasent.com

Here are some useful groups we have created to help entrepreneurs and Smes come together to share their products, services and expertise in the virgin platform.

Feel free to join any of them and start learning, sharing  and growing.

Here are the list to join now!

Facebook group: micro small and medium enterprises hub



Msme business hub : LinkedIn

Read more on medium

Follow us :





YouTube: Mamasentv

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