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Micro small and medium-sized enterprises (Msmes)

(Msmes)stands for micro small and medium-sized enterprises.Msmes business support is our aim. Every big  business you see today emanates from small businesses, so we want to support businesses from the grassroot and scale it over time

 Who are we?

We are( Msmes)micro small and medium sized enterprises focused  group,providing individual Msmes  with Online Digital products And services 

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MSMEs business support is what we do,our focus is to support smes to the greatest height possible using online digital products,services and online events programs such as website designing,consulting,freelancing ,training and funding support.


What We Do

 Medium small and micro enterprises business can be very daunting doing all the work alone,that is why as an SME business support provider we have freelance experts to help you actualize your business goals in less time yet without tearing your pocket.


Do you have a demanding job tasks running your medium small and micro enterprises business? Are you running out of time for yourself and family due to demanding jobs for your Smes? You are not alone!

At mamasent We help medium small and micro enterprises as well as big businesses, big and small, companies and individuals complete various online jobs services tailored to their Smes needs,yes freelancing is our identity! We are No1 in Freelancing world, helping you achieve your desired goals with works well done.


Why choose us for your medium, small and micro enterprises freelance jobs?


  • We give you exactly What you ask for.
  • Before you say Jack! We deliver your job to your end.
  • Low pricing that you can never say no to it

As Msmes business support group,and medium small and micro enterprises business focused,We provide onlinepreneurship business training to Smes, based on our expertise free of charge,Everyone is  invited,Online business aspirants, Newbies in online business and Marketing,Msmes and Big Businesses,experts in online businesses who have experiences to share with Newbies are also welcomed.

Why us when it comes to medium, small and micro enterprises online business Training? 

  • We focus on the things that works.

  • We have Host of free tools that can help you start now!

  • We hold you by the hand until you start producing good results.

  We create courses

We create and produce online medium small and micro enterprises business tutoring courses,in various formats ranging from software , videos, podcast, ebooks as well as useful blogs tailored to your smes needs.

  We produce and promote medium small and micro enterprises products and services as well as run promotions for them free to gain more visibility online and offline

We produce,promote and introduce medium small an micro enterprises clients where to get the cheapest products online and offline,both physical and Digital products for your medium small and micro enterprise business to skyrocket


Msmes Business support rewards,Medium small and micro enterprises rewards and giveaways. We provide our clients and customers with host of free Giveaways and free gift cards each week

What is more ? Free tools!

We expose you to varieties of free online business working tools to get your small and micro jobs well done without hitches.


We run products promotion of all kinds exposing you and your SME  business , products and services to the world at large through our host of marketing platforms with millions of groups subscribers and site visitors.

Wow! All of these done @ Mamasent? What are you waiting for?

Let’s do things together here please!

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# our mission: Is to train and support millions of people worldwide who want to start any sme  business of their choice online, by providing qualitative services, providing adequate training and producing qualitative products to cater for the core needs of msmes, big Companies and individuals working online and offline @  mamasent We do what we call (stp) That is  service, training and product. Yes at mamasent we provide qualitative services tailored to our clients needs,we give them adequate training to withstand any business obstacles and challenges they may face along the way and we create quality products that will stand the test of time to solve the intended business needs of people round the globe.

Mamasent is a cutting edge business platform where the three core Business needs are rendered efficiently,

Our aim is to produce quality products, provide Training on how to use them effectively and provide Marketing tips, procedures and guides in other to drive sales and conversions. 

We believe in human investment and empowerment,we do not harbor our knowledge and expertise within us as many do,we are open and transparent ,we teach and train people on exactly what we do,we strive to inculcate in people what we have by providing sustainable training for human development through our online and offline digital programs,this you can discover through our website, ebooks, blogs,and other training materials and digital products we produce.

We produce and provide quality offline and online business products and services,we invite you to check list of our ( s.t.p) Services, Training and products  as you stay around and completing an action.


# our vision: Is to have a global coverage with our digital products and services by the year 2023.

By the end of 2023 MSMEs,Big companies and individuals will be flooding our platforms to create their own Digital products and Online presence as well as receiving training on how to manage and scale their businessses the right way ever, using our  timely quality products and services tailored to their needs.


#our goal :Is to support and guide you as an sme step -by -step until your online business start yielding good results,to hcutting-edgebig companies and anyone who wants to take his or her business online by providing necessary tools needed to care for their business endeavours

Surely we keep to our word,we want you to succeed and skyrocket to the greatest heights ever and that is our major goal.

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The major aim of the  Platform is to help smes owners , beginners in online business and general entrepreneurs to succeed.

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Here are some useful groups we have created to help entrepreneurs and Smes come together to share their products, services and expertise.

Feel free to join any of them and start learning, share  and grow.


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Facebook group: micro small and medium enterprises hub

Msme business hub : LinkedIn

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