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  • What is  Mamasent?

Answer: Mamasent is a product of marizmag and Son’s Enterprises,a company located and registered in Nigeria.The company focus is on Enterprenuership programs, Smes and Online services.

  • What services does Mamasent provide?

Answer: Mamasent provides support to entrepreneurs and Smes by helping them secure Online presence, training tailored to their business needs as well as crowdfunding.

  • Does Mamasent provide funding for Smes?

Answer: No,but that is in our roadmap.Currently we only expose you to orginazations that provides funding  such as NGOs and Government funding,both grants and loan and then we provide training and guide you need to position yourself in other to suceed.We also have crowdfunding platform where you can rely on and source for funds for your business,on our website.

  • Does Mamasent run skills acquisitions program offline? 

Answer: Currently no, that is also in our roadmap,for now all our training programs are online based.

  • What and what can you do with Mamasent?

Below are answers: Mamasent is 5in1 website platform where you can secure Online presence by posting free ads, learn a new course or teach others and earn, blog about your business, source for funds through crowdfunding and Find job or hire workers.

  • How does Mamasent provide sme training?

Answer: Zoom meeting, what’s app, Telegram,our forum and courses

  • Is ads listing free at Mamasent?

Answer: Yes absolutely free! No hidden charges.

  • Does Mamasent provides Freelance services?

Answer: Yes,we help smes reduce their workload by providing totchnotch freelance  service without tearing their pockets

  • How does Mamasent support Smes?

Answer: In 5 ways: Training,free ads, crowdfunding, freelance service, guest blogging

  • Who benefits from Mamasent programs and services?

Answer: Anyone who wants to learn new things,start a business, go online,enterpreneurs and Smes big and small.

  • What is Mamasent crowdfunding?

Answer:Is simply a platform on our website where a user get registered and describes his or her business and solicit for funding by sharing his business to people using our platform sharing capabilities.

  • What is Mamasent shout-out?

Answer: Mamasent shout-out is a tailore made advertisment where we design the ads for you, write a blog for your business and post them across all our channels thereby driving huge sales and lead for your products or service.

  • Can I write and post my blog at Mamasent?

 Answer:Yes, absolutely free!

  • What can I do with Mamasent forum?

Answer:Learn new emerging ways of making money and collaborate with fellow business oriented individuals.

  • How do I find job from Mamasent?

Answer:Locate our job platform find job that suit your life style posted everyday.If you want to work with us either send us email attached with your CV.

  • How do I find people to work for me from Mamasent? 

Answer: Locate our job platform,list your job offers and job seekers will contact you,is absolutely free!

  • What is Mamasent jobs registrar?

Answer: Mamasent jobs registrar is one of the freelance services we offer especially to job seekers who do not have all the time to apply for different jobs,they submit their cv to us indicating the type of job they want and we keep applying for them until they are hired.

  • What is Mamasent funds updater and registrar?

Answer: Just like the job registrar above, it’s a freelance service we provide to Smes and enterpreneurs seeking for funding,they submit their business documents and proposal to us ,we keep applying for them to any available funding organization.

  • Does Mamasent write business proposals?

Answer: Yes we do in line with your type of business

  • Does Mamasent provide business registration services?

Answer:Yes we run business registration agency only for Nigerians with cooperate affairs commission (CAC)

  • What other services does Mamasent render?


  • Events and rentals services
  • Telecoms services
  • Property agent services
  • Agro products sourcing etc.

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